Level 1, with music:

This is a nice, slow flow.

Thursdays at The YogaLoft

6 – 7:15 pm

click HERE for more info!

All Levels, with music:

This is a yoga flow class.

Tuesdays at St. Lukes Fitness Allentown

4:30 – 5:20 pm

click HERE for St. Lukes deets!

Ok, so the final choices are up on the board (which looks different from this photo now) – so please stop by The Loft and check them out! Vote for the number sticker you want to own! And then, while you are there, and I mean, I hope this is the point, TAKE A CLASS :)

​​​​​More Exciting Yoga Events

Sun., Aug 6
The Yoga Loft
Sunday Breakthrough
Britt Tagg

BRITTTTTT!!! Ok, so she is missed dearly, but know that Britt Tagg always comes back to teach one of these 2 hour workshops, which happen about  every 3 weeks, and are led by experienced and way fabulous teachers Jessie Thompson, Carrie Morgan, and, yep, Britt. I don't know what Britt has up her sleeve this week, but I know it will be AH MAY ZING.

4:00 – 6:00 pm
Info & Sign Up HERE

Many Weekends

through August

ChildLight Yoga

Teacher Trainings

The Yoga Loft

Ok so if you have any interest at all in achieving your certification to teach yoga to teens, tweens, younger children or mamas-to-be, then please take a look at the ChildLight trainings offered this summer at The Yoga Loft. I think there are like at least 3 trainings listed on the Workshops page on the website, so please check it out! The link to look is HERE!

​Mon., Sept. 18

The Yoga Loft

FREE Introduction to

Beginner Yoga

ME, Kim Heffelfinger,

Deanna Nagle

A few times each year, The Loft offers this fun and FREE class with 3 Level 1 instructors. This way, each student gets a feel for how we each teach, learns some basic alignment, and also benefits from having 2 assistant teachers helping out at all times. If you haven't been to class in a while, if you know someone who wants to check out yoga, or if you just want a free class, please join us!

​​7:30 – 9:00 pm

Please look HERE for more info!

My Regular, Weekly Classes

Just a Bit of Gratuitous Selfieness...

Yoga Loft Slogan Contest!

I realize that this photo is not technically a selfie. In fact, it was shot by Jason Varney, who is a Philadelphia based professional. I was fortunate to have been invited to be part of a Prevention Magazine photo shoot with the lovely and gracious Amy Ippoliti! So here is an out take ... that is my new friend, Chae Yang up front, Amy is the teacher between us. OMG what a fun day! 

Please note, I see my front knee is behind my heel in this warrior 2 pose... while not picture perfect, I'd say it is safer than having my knee jutting in front of my toes so let's just agree to call it okay!

Moderate Flow, with music:

This class is a slow, instructional flow for anyone with a basic yoga knowledge.

Thursdays at LivingRoom Yoga, Emmaus

​All Summer Long!

9:30 am – 10:45 am

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