Monday, April 9, 2018

APRIL!!! You're here... but where is the warm weather???

So what is UP with this spring? Or non-spring? I don't know, what can you do.

April is historically my favorite month because not only do I usually love the weather, it is also my birth month. I am now 51. I giggle every time I even think it, because I feel like a weird looking 12 year old. And my (wall-supported) handstands are better now.

The photo of me, above, is when I was, I think, 8. And maybe it was at Christmas. But I know that purse was a kick ass present from my Aunt Nancy, and it depicted ARIES and I freakin' loved it.

I have a LOT going on these days, people. Unfortunately, not a lot of it is yoga related. In fact, I have less yoga stuff happening than I have had in a while. This week will be the FINAL THURSDAY MORNING CLASS AT TRIBE, so please join me at 9:15 am for what will be a fun last hurrah! I will still be at tribe on Monday evenings.

On Friday, from 6 – 7pm, I am teaching a Happy Hour Class at The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem, and I promise to get the music right this time!

I will finish up the semester teaching at Lehigh University during lunch time on Tuesdays, but then I will be taking the summer semesters off. I am going to update my overall class schedule right now. Please contact me if you have any questions.