Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Yoga is Personal

Hi. So here I am, in the photo above, doing my own personal yoga. If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize the shot. It LOOKS like I am simply laying on my belly, watching as others do the "hard work." In fact, I am.

Full disclosure: I had done my "hard work" and come out of the pose already. But even if I had not, and had chosen to sit that one out and observe the rest of the class, it would be a fine choice.

We bring a new "self" to each day, whether we are on our mats or off. And we can honor who that "self" is every day. So if that means resting instead of going gangbusters, so be it.

I have 2 more sessions of my 6-week Beginner Series at Tribe Yoga. After that, I will be teaching a session, not sure of the amount of weeks just yet, of a regular, beginner friendly class at the same time. Please check the website for details. The information should be up by February 5.

Also, I am beginning a Beginner Series at The Yoga Loft on Saturday morning. This 6-week series will be part one of a two-perter, so there will be a second 6-week portion directly after that. For information about this, please CLICK HERE.

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