Friday, March 9, 2018

So... I kinda forgot I had this website for a hot minute...

... I suppose because life has been keeping me occupied! But I do want to let you all know about a few things that are going on with my yoga classes:

On Saturday, March 10, from 1 to 3pm, Kim Heffelfinger and I are teaching a Surya Namaskar A workshop at The Yoga Loft (that is my friend, Sandy, and I flowing in the video above). We will break down each pose, because don't you feel like we all tend to rush through them? We will help you find the correct alignment for you! Additionally, we will move slowly, ensuring that everyone finds the way each pose and transition between the poses connects with your breath. Breath and movement. That's the ticket. Please click HERE for information.

I have also been teaching a Monday evening, 6:30 to 7:30pm, Beginner Friendly class at Tribe. This class is ongoing through April 9. You can use your class card or just pay the drop-in fee, so if you want to experience a slow, instructive flow, join me! HERE is the calendar; you can see me listed on Mondays (you can also see my Thursday 9:15am class each week - come play!).

Beginning on Saturday, March 17, I am teaching a 6 week series for beginning students at The Yoga Loft. This series is the second part of a 12 week series for beginners, but you are welcome to drop in even if you missed the first 6! There will be tons of review and we will be adding variations of the basic postures, to enhance your understanding and proficiency in your own practice. You can check out the website and sign up HERE.

I am ready for Spring. Anyone else?

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