Who Am I?

I achieved my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem in May, 2015. I have been practicing since late 2002, starting with Ashtanga and eventually drifting into all different styles of yoga with many different teachers.

I have learned that I love figuring out how to move my body deliberately and wisely. This involves a very basic knowledge of anatomy, which I share in a totally approachable way with my students, and the ability to breathe with consideration. 

My goal is to age with as much mobility and flexibility as I can maintain – I am NOT a contortionist! I just want to keep what I've got moving forward. And I want the same for my students.

My teaching reflects what I am working on in my own practice, and that always includes the basics. I want people to enjoy taking my classes, so questions and laughter are always encouraged. I hope to see you on the mat!

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